October 1, 2023

Apple Announces iOS 17 News at WWDC

iOS 17 news

Apple made headlines at WWDC Monday by unveiling the much-anticipated Vision Pro headset, but here’s what else iOS 17 holds in store when it releases later this fall: Here is what to anticipate from it.

Apple’s keyboard will get an upgrade with iOS 17 thanks to an enhanced transformer model which predicts what you are likely to type next.

1. FaceTime Video Voice Messages

Apple’s FaceTime video calls have always been unique in that there’s no busy tone when someone doesn’t answer, but that will soon change with iOS 17. Callers will soon be able to leave a video message for unanswered FaceTime calls instead of waiting around until someone responds.

That message could include animated reactions such as hearts, balloons, fireworks, laser beams or rain which you can control with simple gestures. Video messages created using this technology can then be saved to the Photos app for future viewing.

iOS 17 introduces other new features, including personalized Contact Posters and Live Voicemail – which displays text transcription of someone’s voicemail on your lock screen when they leave a message for you – Dictation features an updated machine learning language model for increased accuracy while Autocorrect has been enhanced to be able to correct sentences as they’re typed in real-time.

The Messages app also received several upgrades, such as being able to share your location within message threads and the Check-in feature that allows friends to know when you arrive home. Other improvements included new search filters, Catch Up Arrow for quickly getting back into conversations quickly, and easier inline replying capabilities.

2. Better Autocorrect

iOS 17’s autocorrect feature gets better thanks to an upgraded transformer language model and sentence-level corrections that address more grammatical mistakes. Furthermore, Apple Software Engineering Chief Craig Federighi hinted onstage at WWDC Monday that it will even learn your favorite swear words!

This system will also briefly underline autocorrected words so you know which were altered, and can easily switch back to their original meaning via keyboard, Siri or Dictation.

Other updates for Messages include search filters that make finding what you’re searching for easier, in-line predictive typing, transcripts for audio messages and catch-up functionality in group chats. There is also now a Check-in feature enabling friends and family to track your location via Messages while you travel home – sharing details such as route, cell service provider and battery status on the way back home.

3. StandBy

Apple unveiled iOS 17 today with updates to their Phone, FaceTime, Messages and other apps aimed at improving communication and sharing experiences. Apple’s Craig Federighi said this software upgrade enhances communication and sharing experiences; you’ll notice personalized contact posters and Memojis; an upgraded Address Book offering better search features; predictive typing for emoji and word suggestions as well as inline predictive typing functionality – along with improved Dictation featuring more accurate language models as well as sentence level corrections of grammatical errors – among others.

StandBy is an innovative feature of iPhone that transforms it into an intelligent display when set down and charging, similar to a clock face, showing photos or Live Activities like tracking flights or delivery of Uber Eats orders.

However, reports indicate that StandBy does not work as intended on certain devices. Here’s how you can get it back working efficiently quickly with this guide’s solutions.

4. Two-Factor Authentication

Apple is offering a new way to safeguard your account: Two-Factor Authentication is designed to ensure only you can access your Apple ID account. It works by sending a code directly to another device you possess such as your phone or computer allowing you to approve any request to sign in and log into it.

iOS 17 will make it possible for you to share two-factor authentication codes via AirDrop or in Messages with other people, giving them the choice whether to save it or discard it. With iOS 17, users will also be able to exchange two-factor authentication codes via AirDrop or Messages and receive a link that they can choose whether or not to save.

This update will also clean up any verification codes that accumulate in your Messages or Mail app, with an automatic delete once they’ve been used, so your inbox won’t become overrun with one-time passwords. Twitter already does something similar through their premium service Twitter Blue, which offers free SMS messaging (starting at $8 monthly) via an Android device running iOS 17. iCloud must also be configured correctly with your Apple ID in order for this option to work effectively.